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Planet Caravan - Painting


  • A contemplation on the past year and a half of isolation as people have been holed up inside, travel has ground to a halt and it has been a trying and lonely experience for many. At times it has felt like the man-made world is decaying around us as we confront our fragile and inevitable mortality and reliance on mass migration- parts of life that even two years ago many of us took for granted. It has also been bringing to light our human need for love and connection- with each other and within the biosphere we are all one with. Has it also allowed us space to reframe thoughts? To look beyond the small caravan window of our past perception and dissolve some limiting beliefs – to step outside and open our minds? To ask what's on the other side of this and imagine something else?
  • Hand painted acrylic original art.
  • Premium quality 100% acid-free cotton canvas
  • This canvas has been gallery wrapped, meaning there are no staples or pins visible and it can be displayed without a frame